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Community, Or Where I Hang Out

I prefer small groups to large groups, and I structure my community events to honor that preference (i.e., keep me less tense). Here are the groups that I currently frequent the most.

When I go to the Academy of Management, I hang out with the Organizational Communication and Information Systems division. This group draws from b-schools, comm schools, and other domains. I consider this group my primary community, a stimulating and  friendly enclave within the enormity of the AOM.

The Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems draws from a wide swath of disciplines. I led their summer research institute in 2015 and help in an advisory position. The summer  institute is a small and intimate gathering of people concerned with the social and the technical.

The iConference is the annual meeting of the iSchools. I served as technical program co-chair in 2015. It is a good place to see what iSchoolers are up to, and small enough to navigate easily and meet people.

I attend the meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science about once a decade. I like the eclectic mix and how it takes my head to another place. It is not my intellectual home, but an intriguing waystation.

Me leading a CSST session in 2015 at The Nature Place in the Colorado Rockies.

There are other communities that I have been to only once, including EGOS, ASA, and IFIP WG9.1 (Computers and Work), and some I used to attend frequently but no longer do (Industry Studies Association, INFORMS),  I intend to get my act together and check out CHI, CSCW, HICSS, and ASIST someday soon because people tell me good things about them.

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