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What I Study

As a scholar of work and technology, I study how people use information technology in their everyday work and what happens when they do. I pay attention to people's interactions with technology as well as the social and organizational context of technology use. I like to think about how occupations are changing in the context of technology use, including who does the work, where they do it, and how they do it. I publish my research, almost all of which is qualitative, in organization, communication, and information studies journals.


How I Study

When I studypeople at work, I employ techniques for data collection, such as interviewing and observation, that borrow from ethnography. In my analysis, I often examine structural attributes of behavior. To facilitate this approach, I have developed novel techniques for data collection and analysis that pay close attention to people's use of work artifacts (physical or digital), weaving this use into the stream of ongoing behavior that I record in my field notes.


How I Teach

In my courses, I engage students in learning by doing so that they might develop practical skills while accruing theoretical knowledge. I like for students to gain confidence in their abilities and to speak concretely about what they know and what they can do. I help doctoral students gain research skills and think deeply about technology and work.

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