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I welcome students who are curious about theory, who are keen to add to their professional skills, and who are willing to engage in active learning and reflection. Brief descriptions of my unique courses that I taught at UT Austin follow, with updates as I add Cornell courses. Click links for sample syllabi..

Being able to present information well is important to help others understand and use information. This course will prepare you for your professional career by helping you acquire the skills needed to present information in numerical, visual, textual, and verbal form. 

The goal of this course is to help you develop skills and awareness for managing in an information organization. Although aimed at developing practical career skills, the material is grounded in theory and research from social psychology, small group research, organizational behavior, strategy, innovation and the like. 

Through case studies, we come to understand why the study of work is essential for the design of ICTs and why an understanding of ICTs is critical for designing modern work and modern organizations. Much of our interest will be in examining the occupational changes that often accompany technological change.

Ethnography (doctoral)

I designed this course for doctoral students who want to gain the skills and knowledge for carrying out ethnographic research and for writing up their work for successful journal, conference, or monograph publication. The skills and knowledge that you will gain are independent of discipline; however, a number of the readings that I employ are drawn from information and organization studies.

Students Ran Xu (air) and Katherine Hoffman (bike lanes) created these infographics in my Presenting Information class.

Supervised Teaching (doctoral)

I redesigned this class to serve the broader needs of students planning to teach in research universities. In addition to learning skills for in the classroom, we'll cover behind-the-scenes skills such as negotiating teaching load and marketing your courses that will help you be successful in your career.

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